Tuesday, April 21, 2009

the TRUE value of social media and social networking for coporations

If there are any corporations out there that understand social networking and social media and how to use it for business purposes- those firms are definitely IBM & Cisco. Here is a slideshare presentation that helps EDUCATE everyone. Remember, the number 1 failure in social networking and social media marketing is education.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Twitter Co Founder Biz Stone on the Colbert Show

twitter has become the next big thing because it gives people personal control and a communication channel to finally tell their life story, make new friendships, build relationships, help others, and spread this message. The main reason i love twitter is that it adds more transparency to our society which is heavily needed right now. It seems he tries to poke fun at twitter and biz stone a little but Biz really keeps his cool. It all comes down to colbert's lack of education on twitter and he does not fully understand the power of this tool/ social networking/ micro blog site like many others. I on the other hand probably would not be able to hold in my excitement and positive message of why and how twitter can change the world- one tweet at a time. heres the clip

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Biz Stone
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